We are able to do customized packaging by our buyer instruction like shrink wrapping, Window Boxes, BOPP poly pack, printed cartons, header sachets, spiral, display boxes making the inventory control like a child play for big departmental stores. Labels, Tags, Barcodes etc.

We are also able to do Barcodes as per our customers like € ™ etc. requirements and we regular checking systems of bar code work is in progress.

Box Type                                                        Size                                                   Volume

  • 1                                  80cm X 41.5cm X 38cm                                  0.126m3
  • 2                                  77cm X 37cm X 37cm                                     0.105m3
  • 3                                  115cm X 38cm X 25cm                                   0.109m3

Tray Packaging

Dried Flowers

Hobby Bag Header Packaging

Barcode, Poly & Acetate Packaging

Bulk Decorative Bowl Fillers Balls

Bulk Packaging