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Bulk Dried Flowers, Sola Flowers, Sola Wood Flower, Wholesale Suppliers

Specialized in various type of Bulk Dried Flowers, Sola Flowers, Sola Wood Flower, Wholesale Suppliers from India, Kolkata.

Dried Flowers / Sola Flowers / Sola Wood Flowers / Potpourri / Bird Toy / Bird Toy Parts Making and our prodicts are a unique and great way to decorate your home or office. They are dried and preserved so that they will last and last in your arrangements. They are beautiful part of nature preserved and dried in time for your enjoyment. Make sure you look at our very unique and specialized Dried flowers, Potpourri, Sola Flower, Sola Wood Flowers, Shola Flowers, Palm Flowers, Sola Balsa Flower, Sola Eco Flowers and other Dried Exotic Natural Items. You will love the high quality products we provide you.

Wellcome to Floral Exports

We are a family owned and operated company whose goal is to provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices and doing this business since 1974 and we are manufacturer of ourselves in quality Dried Flowers, Dry Flowers, Sola Flowers, Balsa Flowers, Sola Eco Flowers, Palm Flowers, Cane Items, Sola Deco Ball, Dried Flowers Potpourri, Potpourri Mixture with fragrance, Handmade Flowers, Bouquet, Dried Exotics Bunches, Wreath, and Ting Ting with flowers bunches etc. Colour, Bleach, Gold, Silver, and Glitter. We are Manufacturer Wholesaler and Soppliers from India

We are an organization with our footprints on almost all European countries, Middle East Asia, Japan, U.S.A, Canada, Australia & few from Latin America, spread almost all over the world, but here we believe, it’s not enough to ponder our vanity, we wish to broaden our horizons as well as our reach, as we look forward to spread the essence of our invaluable products to each nook and cranny of the globe.

The products are well accepted worldwide and are utilized within the households, offices, public events, celebrations and the hospitality Industry.

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Why Choose Us

  • Floral Exports located in Kolkata which is a hub of dried flowers producing areas of India.

  • Maximum of handmade items like Palm Flowers, Lata Balls, Cane Items, Shola Flowers, Sola Flowers, Sola Wood Flowers, Balsa Flowe, Sola Eco Flowers, Sola Ball, Curly Ting Ting, Coco Items and other decorative Balls are produced in outskirts of Kolkata

  • In-house dying, bleaching, and packaging amenities. And equipped with modern drying facility which enables us to work efficiently even during monsoon

  • A dedicated R & D centre to work on development of new designs and products to keep space with the business environment dynamics and continuously working for developing new ideas almost every day.

  • Kolkata has a sea port at a distance of only 25 km from our ware house.

  • We are stockiest of all main dried flowers and can execute the orders even at a short notice.

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